You’re Experiencing:

  • Negative thoughts and feelings about your body;
  • You feel like things you want in life are out of reach because you are not thin enough or attractive enough;
  • You feel like you’re “obsessed” with food;
  • You’re tired of being focused on losing weight and want to let go of diet culture;
  • You’ve sought out treatment for an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, or binge eating disorder;
  • You feel nervous going to the doctor’s office, going on dates, or trying new activities because you’re afraid of what people will say about your body;
  • Your gender expression is complicated by your body shape or size;
  • Your self-worth feels connected to how your body looks.

You Want:

  • Support working through any and all of the issues you’re going through;
  • And you want to work with a therapist who is body positive and weight neutral;
  • You want an experienced eating disorder therapist who works within the framework of Health at Every Size (HAES);
  • And you want to find a space that’s truly comfortable for you to be your full self. 

get it. And I want to be that therapist for you.

How to Not Diet This Holiday Season | Evergreen Counseling | Berkeley, CA |

As a Body Positive, Eating Disorder Therapist, Here’s What I Want You to Know About Me:

My relationship with my body has been one of the biggest teachers in my life. 

Recovering from an eating disorder and finding peace with food is difficult in a culture that is hyper-focused on appearance and health status. 

Disordered eating habits are often praised as having excellent discipline and willpower but come at a harmful cost. 

I believe it’s possible to feel more attunement with our bodies, and ultimately feel more freedom in our lives.

Here’s What I Want You to Know About Our Working Together:

In the age of Lizzo, body positivity seems to be everywhere. 

While this pop-culture acceptance of a broader range of body sizes is great, it can feel like there’s even more pressure to magically discover how to love ourselves. 

What we find is that there’s no clear answer out there on how to actually get to the point of accepting our bodies and heal our relationship with food.

As a body-positive eating disorder therapist, my role is to help you find that individual path towards healing years of body disconnection.

It’s hard to maintain self-acceptance while living in a world steeped in diet culture. 

We’re taught that only a small range of bodies are acceptable and that someone’s worthiness is directly connected to their appearance. 

Orthorexia: When Clean Eating Becomes Disordered Eating | Evergreen Counseling | Berkeley, CA |

Living with body dissatisfaction and years of bingeing and restricting can have real negative physical and mental health impacts, and can take a disproportionate amount of your time and energy. 

It can feel like other goals in your life have to take a backseat or are dependent on you losing weight.

I believe there’s another way to live. My work is to help you find more freedom in your life, no matter what your weight is.

I believe there’s a way to feel more peace with food, to feel more in control of your life, and to feel empowered in your daily choices.

As you develop more compassion with your body and more attunement in your eating, I believe it’s possible to feel more at ease with the other parts of your life that feel limiting or unsatisfying.

I bring my life experiences and my professional eating disorder therapist training into our sessions, and I utilize an eclectic mix of approaches.

My goal is to help you take up all the real and metaphorical space you need to be your authentic, whole self.

I hope as we work together, you’ll be able to trust in the gorgeous, messy process of self-compassion and body acceptance. 

If you would like to explore working with me, please feel free to schedule either a 20-minute consult call to speak with me or schedule a first full therapy session so we can get started in our work together. 

I can’t wait for our journey to begin.

Charis Stiles, LCSW

Charis Stiles, LCSW specializes in working with adults of all ages who struggle with:

  • Body image issues and eating disorders
  • Feelings of insecurity and harsh inner critics
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and life transitions

She also has a particular interest in working with those who identify as queer or LGBTQIA+, and those who deal with feeling “not good enough”.