See what people are saying about the counselors at Evergreen Counseling through these unsolicited client/professional kind words and praise.

Compassionate, non-judgmental, approachable, safe, stable, secure, honest, caring, empathetic, emotionally intelligent, authentic, and truly committed to helping to alleviate suffering in the world.  These are just some of the things I admire about [her].  She is a … woman that I hold in high regard, and someone I personally have turned to during stressful times. She has a gift of really making me feel seen, heard, held, and loved.  I highly recommend [her] if you are in search of a therapist who will be a committed partner to your process.

Lucy K.

I saw [her] after a particularly intense breakup when I was struggling to reorient myself while dealing w/a tenuous living situation and difficult (but rewarding) job. She was amazing. A complete joy to speak to. She met me where I was emotionally and logically rather than trying to force me to conform to her world view (an issue I had with previous therapists and councellor). Her empathy and care felt tangible and created a safe space for me to share and feel heard/understood. Honestly, if I had the money I’d continue to see her weekly for the rest of my life. Just a great addition to my overall wellbeing even after the initial issue was addressed.
Morgan W.

[She] is a wonderful therapist and human being.  I have always been impressed by her intelligence and profound ability to connect to people in a deep and meaningful way.  She is articulate, funny and engaging and passionately cares about the people she works with.  Enormously talented, she has also the ability to analyze situations and solve complex issues with warmth and intellect, a rare combination.
Rachel B.

I have worked with [her] for several years now, and have the utmost respect and appreciation for her in her practice. I find her communication style to be warm when needed, funny when appropriate, diligent in timing, and direct when most helpful. I consider her one of my more helpful resources in life, and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of guidance, support, continuity, or change.
Brook M.

She is a caring, dedicated and skilled therapist. If you are looking to increase your well-being with the help of a therapist – contact [her]. If you are dealing with relationship problems, depression or anxiety or you want to foster a more loving relationship with your self, increase your self-esteem and/or develop a more positive relationship with food and body image – With [her] you will be in excellent hands.
Hannah G.

I had the opportunity to work alongside [her] for an entire year, and the care with which she tends to her client’s needs is noteworthy. [She] is the consummate professional… Her work is saturated with kindness, skill, and results, and yet her great clinical success has not detracted from the fact that at her very core she is simply a really good, approachable, and down-to-earth person. I recommend [her] to anyone seeking a skilled psychotherapist, and I also recommend her to any therapist seeking support with developing a sound and sustainable private practice… [She] is a wonderful guide and example in these and so many other areas of personal and professional development, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know her and her fine work.
Jonathan R.

I’ve know [her] for a few years and have been amazed, inspired and humbled by her deep joy for living, her kind and soulful presence and her capacity for warmth and care. She has always shared her strength, vulnerability and intelligence with grace and a professionalism that I deeply respect. Anyone looking for trusted guidance and support would be in excellent hands working with [her].

Kim B.

[She] is an incredibly intelligent, big-hearted therapist. She deeply cares about the people she works with, brings her whole self to her psychotherapy practice, and genuinely wants to see you shine. She’s easy to talk to and really gets the importance of living a life that’s in alignment with your highest purpose. If you want a powerful, wise, brilliant woman on your team, I definitely recommend choosing [her] as your counselor.

Lauren S.

I have known [her] for several years and can attest to her kindness, good spirit, and thoughtfulness. As a therapist she is caring and attentive. [She] is incredibly smart and her ideas, suggestions, and guidance have been incredibly helpful over the years. I would highly recommend Annie has a therapist.
Rachel R.

[She] is a passionate professional.  Dedicated to seeing those around her not only succeed but thrive.  Generous in her time and open with her soul she is able to meet you where you are at and guide you to an enriched and better version of yourself.  I know her to be deeply caring, intelligent, and honest.

Emily O.

[She] is a strong therapist. Her ability to hold an individual’s experience is tremendous and she does it with kindness and an open heart. She is driven and hardworking in her own life and brings these traits in her support of clients. She offers a safe place for growth and transformation.

Josh S.

It’s an absolute pleasure to recommend [her] as a therapist. She’s extremely knowledgeable, and has a kind, warm presence you can feel from the minute you meet her. She provides supportive care designed to help you understand deep family issues, and move beyond older wounds. But she also helps you heal from more present issues, like anxiety and depression. Just spend some time reading through her beautiful writing on a variety of topics — I’m sure you’ll find she’s the therapist for you. Five stars all the way.

Alicia N.

I was immediately drawn to her intelligence and grounded presence. [She] has a way of being in the world that is beautifully intuitive, warm, compassionate, and comforting. Yet she can also get right to the heart of an issue with a fierce kindness that few people truly embody. I highly recommend [her] as a therapist and coach. She is one-of-a-kind and actually walks her talk.
Jennifer K.

She is compassionate and has incredibly positive energy. She is proactive and a wonderful listener. She is an asset to people who may be seeking career guidance/coaching and also to those whom are working on their identity and levels of awareness, self esteem and confidence. I highly recommend her for her coaching and therapy services.

Natashia F.

I love [her]! Every time I speak with her I feel listened to and respected. She has been a valuable confidant and supporter in my process of self discovery.


Autumn W.

My session with Annie was inspiring, empowering, and affirming. She provided me with important tools that I still use today. Annie is a gem, and I highly recommend her as a … therapist.
Astarte L.

She is a compassionate and kind and beautiful human being. She is very smart, and cares deeply. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a good psychotherapist.
Brooke M.

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