There’s a one-minute tip I share with my clients to help them combat the negativity and criticality that they may feel about their bodies, particularly as summer and swimsuit season rolls around. What’s the tip?

Follow the Instagram pages of plus size models and body-positive activists.

Whether this is @theAshleyGraham, or @Bodiposipanda, or @mynameisjessamyn, I encourage my clients to flood their feeds with body types that perhaps look like theirs, or who make them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

When they’re feeling really down on themselves, I encourage them to spend a few minutes looking at these pages until they feel more accepting of themselves and their self-esteem has boosted.

This is a great way to harness the power of social media to actually boost (not lower!) self-esteem and it’s been really effective for many of my clients.

Not only has this been anecdotally effective for my clients, but this recent study shows that there is clearly an empirical psychological benefit to women when they view realistic and diverse body sizes in the media.

So try this tip out and leave us a message in the comments below about how it worked for you!


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