If you deal with chronic anxiety you may also be experiencing physical side effects.

In today’s post, we share 7 common physical symptoms that can accompany chronic physical anxiety.

Reading through the post, do you see yourself in the list?


1. Restlessness, feeling on edge, keyed up, tensed up.



2. Feeling constantly tired, like no matter how much sleep you get you still feel an underlying level of exhaustion.


3. Trouble concentrating whether it’s at work, on what your honey was saying, or finding that you had to re-read that page of your book three times because your mind wandered. You may find yourself in the future worrying about this or that or just going a bit blank. Bottom line: you may sometimes have trouble concentrating on what’s happening now right in front of you.


4. Irritability. You’re living with a low capacity for stressors so the small stuff — the things you’re not “supposed” to sweat — really does make you sweat. Your patience is thin and your grumpiness is high.


5. Tightness, constricting, and general tension in your muscles, in your body. If you’re emotionally and mentally wound up in knots, your body is likely holding onto the tension leading to a general feeling of tightness, etc..


6. Problems with sleep. Whether that’s falling asleep, staying asleep, having restless or unfulfilling sleep, etc.. You may rely on a glass or two of wine or a Tylenol PM to mask it temporarily, but basically, you have sleep issues.


7. You may also feel a heightened “startle response.” In other words, when you live with anxiety, your nervous system is on overdrive so when ambulance sirens flare up or someone accidentally slams a door at work, you jump or startle easily. If one, two or more of these signs are present, we encourage clients to consider that they may be dealing with chronic anxiety and then we work with them to alleviate this and help them get some relief.


If you see yourself in this list and if you would like some more targeted, expert support in managing and transforming your anxiety, please feel free to reach out to us to set up a complimentary consult call so we can match you with the best therapist for your situation.

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